I recently shared one of my favourite styling tricks in the Sunday Age which was listed as a life hack. ‘Use rubber bands to 3/4 your sleeves.’ Not only is it practical as it keeps your sleeves out of the way, a 3/4 sleeve highlights the narrowest point of your waist and takes the attention away from the widest point of your hips creating a longer and leaner look. It also takes the bulk out of oversized and relaxed tops and knits. It is honestly a trick that I use almost everyday. It can truly transform a look. My clients often laugh at how I always have rubber bands on my wrist at the ready to style up their outfit… This got me thinking, what other ‘fashion life hacks’ do I know that can transform our wardrobe and how we style our looks. I came up with the list below. For the ladies;

If a necklace doesn’t finish in the right spot,  i.e., it might cut you off through the widest point of your bust. Use a short necklace chain to add length at the clasp by looping it through the chain, doing it up on itself and clasping through the loop. Make as many or as few loops as needed to achieve the perfect length.

When layering a knit with a shirt, try wearing a fitted tank top between the shirt and knit to create a smooth line, extra warmth and to conceal the outline of the buttons.

To tuck wider jeans into knee high boots, cuff the jeans on the outside, fold them around your ankle/calf and put a long sock over the top. You boots will easily slip over the top without the bulk.

Reinvent and update old pieces with new buttons. Dye old jeans for a new look or cut them off for a new pair of shorts.

If your wardrobe feels cluttered but you’re struggling to cull, turn all your hangers to face one direction and every time you wear a piece, turn the hanger. After 6 months to a year, get rid of any clothes that are still hanging in the original direction. For folded pieces, always put the clean ones at the bottom rather than on top to see what doesn’t get worn and what you search for.

For everyone; If you feel uninspired by whats in your wardrobe, can’t go shopping, google a piece (i.e. leather jacket) and street style for new ideas from everyday people on how to wear what you already have.

When travelling, tightly roll clothing to maximise luggage space and to avoid wrinkle and fold marks on your clothes.

When buying a new clothing piece or accessory, especially if you don’t really need it, try and create 3 complete and different outfits with the new pieces from what’s already in your wardrobe make sure it will be worn and you don’t have to go out and buy extra items to create a look!

For the boys; To keep shirt collars crisp and in a good shape, always do up the top button when hanging.

When trying on a button down shirt, sit down to check the fit and ensure that the buttons don’t pop or over stretch.

To ensure that a jacket is the correct fit, stand with your side against a wall. If the shoulder pad touches the wall first, the jacket’s too big. Use your fist to check the torso, you should be able to squeeze your fist into the gap between your jacket and stomach.